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Decorative Charcuterie Board

Mouse & Cheese

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Decorative Charcuterie Board

Mouse & Cheese

The products shown in the images are display only and will not be shipped.

All our Decorative Charcuterie Boards will be shipped with no sealant applied to the product. It will arrive as natural wood with the decorative wood-burning, you will need to apply cooking oil (Olive Oil) in several (3 or 4) coats (allowing each application to set-in) and re-applying. You should do this from time-to-time as upkeep for your wood boards, it will help keep the board sealed after washing.

Clean-up is simple – Wash with soap and water (avoid scrubbing excessively or using a scrub sponge, on the wood burning as it may remove detail from the image). Wipe the excess water off and let air dry. You should avoid allowing any of your wood products to sit in water for prolonged periods of time, and never put them in the dishwasher.

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Dimensions 17.75 × 9.5 × .5 in

9.5L X 17.75W X .5D


Charcuterie Board


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